Which Duluth, Minnesota Neighborhoods Are Best for You?

Which Duluth, Minnesota Neighborhoods Are Best for You?

If you are considering Duluth, Minnesota as a place to settle down, then you already know many of the charms of this city. Easy access to the North Shore and both winter and summer fun, a balance of small town feel and big city amenities, and just the right distance from the Twin Cities.

However, you might not be sure which of Duluth's neighborhoods you should choose. Here are some of the best to consider.

Congdon Park

If you have a higher budget, consider Congdon Park it has some of the city's highest home values. But the cost is worth it for immediate access to one of the top five golf courses in Minnesota (Northland Country Club), the historic Glensheen mansions, and beautiful Tischer Creek. In fact, the neighborhood is named for the park Tischer Creek is in, with some of the best hiking in Duluth.

Congdon Park is generally affluent, and has amenities to match. Like all of these neighborhoods, it has easy access to downtown and the Central Business District.


Endion is Duluth's historic neighborhood, full of stately mansions. Duluth, thanks to the ore wealth and the port, once had more millionaires per capita than any other city. It's also close to the university and thus to the eclectic businesses students tend to attract. A significant historic structure is the Endion Railroad Passenger Depot, which is now a craft brewer and boutique hotel. Home values are high for the area and increasing, although some homes are used as student rentals.

Endion is a great choice if you want to enjoy the historic architecture and have the money to spend on these homes, but still want to be close to the affordable amenities attracted by the university.

Lakeside/Lester Park

One of Duluth's easternmost neighborhoods, Lakeside sprawls from the Superior shore up to Skyline Parkway. It offers a lovely variety of housing; the houses on the lake tend to be large and expensive, but inland offers much more affordable options. It's known for being a safe and friendly neighborhood where a lot of people own dogs. An active community association offers events and entertainment.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park has an interesting history. It started as the US Steel Corporation's company town. It was built with all necessary amenities and even though the plant closed 30 years ago, the people of Morgan Park retain their own identity. Despite this, it's close to downtown, giving a wonderful balance of an interesting feel (it's a great place to buy an older home) with being part of the city as a whole.

North Shore

In addition to being a general term for the Lake Superior coastline between Duluth and the Canadian Border, North Shore is also used to refer to the neighborhood the North Shore Scenic Highway starts in.

The neighborhood is home to luxury lakefront homes with fantastic views of the waterfront. There's also still some undeveloped land remaining for purchase which can be a cheaper option. If you enjoy recreational activities of all kinds, not having to drive through the city to get to the North Shore might appeal.

Gary-New Duluth

Right now, this neighborhood is undergoing an economic rebirth. It's located next to Morgan Park and much of the revitalization has happened since the plant closed and the site was cleaned. The closure of the plant caused many people to move out, but did not completely destroy the character of the neighborhood.

Housing in Gary and New Duluth tends to be affordable, making it a good choice for somebody who wants to enjoy this wonderful city on a smaller budget.

If you are looking for the best places to live in Duluth, talk to Lend Smart Mortgage. We have our office in Duluth, so we know the area well and can give advice on where to look in your budget. Contact us to find out more and to talk about a loan to allow you to afford your perfect Duluth home.

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