The Benefits of Installing a Home Security System in Your First Home

The Benefits of Installing a Home Security System in Your First Home

If you are currently in the process of buying, or have recently bought, your first home, then you may be debating whether or not to have a home security system installed in your new home. If you have never lived in a home with a security system, you may be wondering if they are really necessary, and what the benefits are to having a security system. With the availability of modern, high-tech security systems on the rise, there is more reason than ever to invest in a home security system. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider adding a security system to your new home.

Gives You Peace-of-Mind

After investing your hard earned savings into a home for you and your family, the last thing you will want to have to worry about is your home being broken into and ransacked by burglars, particularly since you may have invested in new furnishings, appliances, and electronics when you purchased your new home that would make it a prime target for criminals. By having a security system installed in your home, you will be provided with a peace-of-mind knowing that your home is taken care of while you are at work or out of town. If anything does happen while you are away, your alarm company will have you covered and will dispatch the authorities immediately.

Monitor Your House From Afar

Not only will a security system provide you with the comfort of knowing that your home is secure, but many modern home security systems allow you to see this for yourself by allowing you to monitor your home from afar. Many alarm companies now offer interactive systems that allow you to check the status of your alarm using your smartphone. From your phone, or another internet capable device, you can double check that your system is armed, receive notifications if your system detects a break-in (or even a fire), and if your system includes cameras you may even be able to see inside your home remotely. This can help to reassure you that everything is okay when you are not there.  

Deters Crime

A home security system will not only protect you in the event of a break in, but it can also deter criminals from trying to forcefully enter your home in the first place. Multiple studies have shown that having a home security system, and displaying evidence of this by placing a sign in your front yard, or adding security cameras around your home's perimeter, drastically reduces crime. In fact, houses with alarm systems can help to reduce crime neighborhood-wide. Simply by installing an alarm system and by taking additional measures such as adding security cameras and motion sensor lights, you can help to make your entire street a little safer.  

Save on Home Insurance

One of the lesser-known benefits of installing a home security system is the amount of money a security system can save you on your home insurance premium. While many homeowners are not aware of this, having a home security system can save you as much as 20% on your home insurance. The fact is that insurers are aware that security systems deter crime, and by reducing the likelihood of a break in you may be saving them money by having a home security system installed. Many insurance companies are then willing to offer high incentives to try to convince their customers to install home security systems.

As a first time homeowner, it would be understandable if you were hesitant to install a home security system as this will represent an additional cost each month. However, for many homeowners, the benefits outweigh the costs by helping to protect their greatest investment. Contact us to learn more about home security systems and the benefits you could gain by adding one to your new home.

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