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6 Steps for Pre-Loan Qualification

Are you looking to buy a home? Before you even start looking, you should get yourself pre-qualified for a mortgage. Pre-loan qualification tells you what the bank is willing to lend you, which means...
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What to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home can be a great way to bring you closer to your favorite activities like boating and fishing, but you can't go rushing into it without doing your research. Before choosing to...
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4 Family-Friendly Fun Activities in Duluth, MN

Are you considering finding a home in Duluth, MN, but wonder what fun activities there are to do with your family? Worry no more and read along for some of the most nature-filled and relaxing...
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Guide to Mortgages and Taxes

For a first time homeowner, tax time can be a little nerve wracking. Having a mortgage affects your tax return and may make the difference between itemizing deductions and not. One of the big things...
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10 Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender

When preparing to apply for a mortgage, it pays to be prepared and a big part of that is knowing what questions to ask before, during, and after the application process. If you're considering getting...
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Will Mortgage Rates Go Up in 2021?

Mortgages are a section of the financial market that hits close to home for many of us. For quite some time now, mortgage interest rates have been hitting record lows, leading to a surge in mortgage...
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The Best Orlando Neighborhoods

Just about everyone who already lives in the area can agree that Orlando is a wonderful place to live! With year-round sunshine, and close proximity to great shopping, attractions, entertainment, and...
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Determining How Much House You Can Afford

The decision to buy a new home is exciting but may also be fraught with issues. One of the most challenging issues a potential homeowner must worry about is how much house they can afford. It is...
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5 Online Tools to Help You Find the Right Neighborhood for Your Next Home

If you're looking to find the perfect neighborhood to go with your next home, there are a few excellent online tools you can use to see if the local schools, cities in the area, and specific...
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What Are the Differences Between Being Pre-qualified and Pre-approved?

There are a lot of terms that are thrown around in the real estate world that the average person might not be familiar with. For example, the terms "pre-qualified" and "pre-approved" are two that...
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