Lend Smart's Digital Home Mortgage Capabilities

Lend Smart's Digital Home Mortgage Capabilities

With the current events, you may feel the need to put your home buying goals on the back burner. However, at Lend Smart Mortgage, we are committed to eliminating that hassle and headache; refinancing your house has never been simpler. We’re fully ready to use technology and our digital capabilities to help make sure our commitment to high-quality customer service is still possible even during these trying times. 

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With these resources, we’ve made acquiring a loan or refinance quick and easy, even while you're staying home!

The Lend Smart Website

Our website is home to a wealth of information and resources on the home buying and refinancing processes. Check out our comprehensive FAQ for quick answers to some of the most common questions about home buying or refinancing. 

We offer a detailed, easy-to-understand breakdown of the home loan process, guiding you from the first steps of qualifying for a home loan, all the way through understanding your monthly payments after purchasing your house. 

Available online and as a downloadable PDF, this guide explains:

  • how to qualify for a home loan
  • what your credit score is, how it is determined, and how it affects qualification
  • how to determine and establish your own budget
  • the different types of loans available, and how to decide which is right for you
  • down payments and your options for paying them
  • how interest rates are calculated
  • what makes up your monthly payment
  • how to choose the right lender

On our website, we also offer a Home Buyer's Checklist that tells you the preliminary steps to take when purchasing a home, what documents you'll need handy to make the process as easy as possible, some advice and tips from our experts to consider before purchasing, and a step-by-step instruction guide to closing on your dream home. 

The Smart Loans App

To simplify the home purchasing and refinancing processes even further, we've built the Smart Loans mobile app! Available through Google Play and the App Store, our app is an excellent tool for buyers looking to purchase a home, homeowners looking to refinance, and realtors hoping to streamline the process for their clients. 

The Smart Loans app allows you to:

  • compare different lending scenarios to determine which loan type is best for you
  • calculate the savings (or cost) of refinancing your home
  • decide how affordable homeownership is for you, based on your current income and expenses
  • scan and upload required documents quickly and easily to speed up the loan approval process
  • easily access and share your Smart Loan Officer's and real estate agent's contact information
  • stay updated on industry news that may affect your home buying or refinancing, such as changes in mortgage rates

The Lend Smart Team

No matter where you are, the Lend Smart Mortgage team is only a call or click away. We are committed to providing high-quality service and assistance in home purchasing and refinancing, and we have leveraged the power of technology to make these processes as simple, understandable, and efficient as possible. 

With our technology and resources, our team is able to set up and hold remote meetings and handle the important, necessary documents digitally; meet with a loan officer, obtain a loan to purchase your dream home, or refinance your current home, all without leaving the comfort and security of your own location!

Getting a home loan or refinancing a house doesn't have to be confusing, difficult, or even require you to go outside; be smart, choose Lend Smart!

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