7 Benefits of Purchasing Sustainable Housing

7 Benefits of Purchasing Sustainable Housing

With more people becoming aware of the importance of conserving Mother Nature's resources, sustainable building has been growing in popularity as prospective home buyers are looking to lessen their carbon footprint. If you are looking to purchase your first home but you have not previously considered sustainable housing, then you may be wondering why sustainable homes are so popular, and you may also wonder whether or not a sustainable home would be right for your family.

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Sustainable homes are not only better for the environment than traditional houses, but they also provide homeowners with a variety of benefits as well. If you are starting the process of purchasing your first home, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider a sustainable home.

1. Improved Comfort Year-Round

One of the primary benefits homeowners receive when they purchase a sustainable home is improved year-round comfort. Sustainable homes are built in a way that is meant to improve their insulation, helping them to maintain a stable temperature inside even during the most extreme temperature variations. High-quality windows, doors, insulation, and building materials mean that you will not be subjected to pesky drafts and temperature fluctuations throughout the day. This also has the added benefit of reducing your energy bills, as your HVAC system will not have to run as frequently to keep your home comfortable. Superior insulation means that your home will be able to maintain a stable temperature longer, extending the intervals where your heater or air conditioner is not running.

2. Breathe Easier With Better Indoor Air Quality

In order to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible, sustainable home builders try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible during the building process by using paints, adhesives, sealants, and other materials that are more sustainable and that give off fewer chemical emissions. This is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for you and your family as breathing these toxic chemicals can be hazardous to your health and can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma and indoor allergies. Sustainable homes also use purer ventilation systems that help to further improve indoor air quality, making it easier breathe and creating a healthier living environment for you and your family. 

3. Experience a More Simple Lifestyle

A popular movement in sustainable living is to purchase small homes. This does not mean that you have to live in one of those tiny houses you may have seen on TV. Counter to the trend of recent years of building homes unnecessarily large for the families living in them, sustainable living encourages building homes that simply meet the needs of the average family. This helps to not only reduce living expenses, but it also helps to reduce the environmental impact that comes from building and maintaining a home that is bigger than you need. Sustainable living allows people to focus more on living rather than material possessions, allowing them to live a simpler, happier, lifestyle.

4. A Better Long-Term Investment

Purchasing a sustainable home is also a great long-term investment. Not only will you find yourself spending less money on utilities and maintaining your home with a green home, but green homes are also a wiser investment as they tend to have a higher resale value than regular homes. Thusly, should you go to sell your home you will likely find that it is easier to sell, and that you get a better price for it, due to the fact that it is a sustainable home.

5. A More Durable Home

Sustainable home-builders are not only concerned with building homes that are more environmentally-friendly; they also want to build quality homes that will last. In order for a home to be truly sustainable, it needs to be built to withstand whatever comes its way so that it will not need extreme renovations that could cause greenhouse gas emissions and waste resources. This means that sustainable homes are possibly the highest quality homes you can buy. When you purchase a sustainable home you will not have to worry about costly maintenance and repairs for many years to come as your home will be made out of the highest quality materials, and it will contain components and appliances meant to last a lifetime. 

6. Feel Good Knowing You Are Contributing to a Cleaner Earth

One of the best reasons to consider buying a sustainable home is that it will provide you with a feeling of pride and fulfillment knowing that you are doing your part to limit greenhouse gas emissions and help reduce the effects of climate change. In particular, the energy-efficiency of a sustainable house will greatly reduce the amount of energy you consume. A large amount of the energy that is produced goes to residential consumers. The production of this energy often requires the consumption of precious natural resources and fossil fuels. Buying a renewable home allows you feel better knowing you are taking steps to reduce your consumption of these resources.   

7. Feel Connected to Nature

Not only will you feel good purchasing a sustainable house as you will know that you are reducing your impact on the environment, but also, buying renewable may help you to feel more connected to nature. Renewable houses often try to reduce energy consumption by bringing the outside in through the utilization of additional windows and strategically placed skylights. Thusly, even when you have to stay inside you will be able to soak up the beauty of nature, and the beneficial health effects of natural light. For many people, this natural light, and the knowledge that their home is environmentally-friendly, can help them to feel as if they are more connected with nature, and as if they are more in-tune with the greater ecosystem that they live in. 

The process of building sustainable homes is not only better for the environment than the traditional home-building process, but sustainable homes also include materials, appliances, and components meant to make them as environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient as possible. For many homeowners, it is simply knowing that they are doing their part to help protect the environment that makes sustainable homeownership worth it; as we have seen here, there are many benefits homeowners can gain by purchasing a sustainable home.

Before you even begin looking at homes and builders in your area, you will first want to figure out how much you can afford to spend on your first home; fortunately, we are here to help. We can help guide you through the process of financing your first home and determining what you can realistically afford to spend. Contact us to learn about the financing options available to you when purchasing your first home.

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